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Ethical Considerations for LLMs and Generative AI ft Britney Muller

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Episode notes

In episode 121, Britney Muller of Data Sci 101 takes the stage to unravel the complex world of artificial intelligence and LLMs, guiding us through the most critical aspects of this cutting-edge technology.

Britney shares her thoughts on the ethical risks that AI poses and the actionable strategies for mitigating biases in AI.

We also discuss the urgent need for AI education and Britney addresses the concerns around trust in LLMs when connected to the internet and the uncertainty around their factual accuracy.

Check out her deep-dive Beginner's Guide to LLMs

(0:00) Intro

(3:51) The Need for AI Education

(6:45) Can You Trust LLMs to Get Facts When Connected to th ... 

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