S01 E30 - Sunglasses, Sunscreens, Sunburns & Shocking Disclosures

Journey to Wellness & Beyond by Arjun & Juhi Chhabra
Summer is just around the corner & with that you instantly picture, vacation, beaches, travel & the strong sun. And in an instant, sunscreens & sunglasses cross your mind. Am I right? But how sure are we that sunglasses & sunscreens are protecting us & not doing the exact opposite!? Tune-in to find out.....References:https://www.consumerr  ...  See more
May 06 2023

Summer’s just around the corner & without a doubt we have our sunglasses & sunscreens out. But have we asked ourselves, protection from what? The life-giving sun? If this is your first episode or you haven’t listened to the previous two episodes, I request you to do so, in order to connect the dots in relation to what we’re going to be discussing today. It’s a common belief that sunscreens & sunglasses protect from excessive sun exposure but it’s actually doing the opposite! Join us in this episode as we uncover the science behind why sunglasses & sunscreens have been doing us way too much harm & contributing to health issues.

If anyone argues that sunscreen is a must then I’d ask them which brand of sunscreen did our ancestors & the ape primates use? I bet you, our ape pri

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