S01 E29 - Mitochondrial Medicine

Journey to Wellness & Beyond by Arjun & Juhi Chhabra
In the last episode we discussed about vitamin D in connection to sunlight. Join us in this episode as we continue the discussion. We'll be seeing how mitochondria fits in this picture & is connected to sunlight. Learn how to leverage light & magnetism to boost mitochondrial health so that you feel energetic & have a robust immunity!Join  ...  See more
Apr 29 2023

Do you know what birds & humans have in common? A huge mitochondrial density. Birds have it since they need to fly long distances & during this process they’re disconnected from the earth but why us? Why do we have it? Now, not the sole reason but one big reason being that we can survive even when we are disconnected from the natural cycles of earth ie. light, water & magnetism. Although that’s not ideal given our modern world where that’s exactly the case. But it’s leading to an increase in diseases & illnesses.

The mitochondria is simply more than just an energy-pump! It’s capable of functioning like a particle accelerator, an essential part of our cellular bioenergetics, it’s even capable of something as crazy as alchemical transformation, in simple words transformation of the en

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