Episode 2 - Mark Corum - He built an add-on to make your accounting life easier!

Protea Conversations by Zane Stevens

Episode notes

Meet Mark Corum! The entrepreneur who became a bookkeeper then became an app developer. In this episode of Protea Conversations,

Zane Stevens interviews Mark Corum, a visionary who seamlessly blended the world of bookkeeping and technology to create solutions that transform the accounting industry. Mark shares his journey from bookkeeper to tech innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, and experience starting an outsourced accounting company.

He also discusses his transition into programming and the similarities between accounting and programming. Mark talks about collaborating with Hector Garcia and his favorite features of Right Tool.

The conversation provides insights into Mark's career and the future of accounting. In this conversation, Mark Corum discusses his ideal work environment, the challenges he faced in his career, th ... 

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