Matt McWilliams - Helping People Turn Passion into Profits with Affiliate Marketing

Profitable Performance Marketing by Jamie Birch

Episode notes

FTC Compliance, the 3 C’s, an Affiliate Donut and more with today’s guest, and the man I was second or third runner up to for affiliate manager of the year, Matt McWilliams! I was super excited about this recording as Matt has tremendous success in the affiliate world and I’ve personally learned a ton from him.

Matt is the principal of Matt McWilliams Consulting where he helps people turn their passion into profits through affiliate marketing. He is well versed in recruiting, developing, optimizing, coaching and training affiliates to drive revenue and serve their audience.

Today we talk about:

  • The 3C’s of affiliate management - Contests, Communication and Coaching.

  • The Affiliate Donut

  • Serving your audience first

  • Using affiliate programs as a springboard to launching your  ... 

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