EPC and How to Use it in the Affiliate Channel

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Episode notes

Today our host, Jamie Birch, discusses the metric EPC, or Earnings Per Click. He discusses what it is, how to calculate it, how and why affiliates use it, why you should use it as an advertiser, and how you can manage it effectively.

Here are two common EPC formulas:

  • earnings per 100 clicks - commissions paid / (clicks/100)
  • earnings per click - commissions paid / total clicks

A good rule of thumb is to know and calculate your 7 day, 30 day, and overall EPC, then track it over time.

Learn how you can manage EPC with tactics like general click management, optimization of high-click producers that do not convert, recruiting of high converting closers, and more.

Jamie mentioned a coupon case study during the episode. Most of the networks were involved and it gives you real data on the power (or lack  ... 

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