Pot Luck Food Talks

by Phil & Eric

After 15 years of working in some of the best restaurants in the world, Chefs Phil & Eric have a lot of stories to tell and things to set straight!

Put Luck Food Talks are unfiltered, unapologetic conversations about food, the crazy stories inside Michelin Star kitchens, and anything involving the search for the most delicious dishes.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Graphic Gastronomy: Leslie Wang's Illustrative Take on Taiwanese Food

    Graphic Gastronomy: Leslie Wang's Illustrative Take on Taiwanese Food

    In the upcoming episode, Eric delves into the vibrant world of Taiwanese food culture with Leslie Wang, a Taiwanese graphic artist and food illustrator. With a background in environmental graphic design and a passion for gastronomy, Leslie brings a unique perspective to the table as she discusses her experiences and her new book on Taiwanese Food Landscape. Join us as we explore the intersection of food and art, celebrate the rich tapestry of Taiwanese cuisine, and discover how Leslie's illustrations bring the sense of taste to life in captivating ways.

  • Heroes and Villains: Stirring the Pot of Fame and Infamy

    Heroes and Villains: Stirring the Pot of Fame and Infamy

    Phil and Eric delve into the complex world of heroes and villains in the culinary industry, exploring a wide range of topics from cultural appropriation to acts of culinary heroism. They navigate the nuanced terrain of paella terrorism and top culinary artistry, discussing the controversies and acclaim surrounding prominent figures in the global culinary landscape. With a blend of humor and insight, they roast and praise the who's who of the culinary world, shedding light on the individuals who have left a lasting impact, for better or for worse.

  • Inside Mugaritz: Phil and Eric's Stagier Stories

    Inside Mugaritz: Phil and Eric's Stagier Stories

    Join Phil and Eric as they reminisce about their time as stagiers at Mugaritz, one of the world's top restaurants. From the moment they first heard about the restaurant's innovative cuisine to their arrival in the Basque Country, anticipation filled the air. Stepping into the kitchen, they were met with a whirlwind of activity and the intoxicating aroma of culinary creativity. As they navigated the fast-paced environment, they forged lifelong friendships and honed their skills under the watchful eye of the kitchen brigade. Their time at Mugaritz was a transformative experience, shaping their culinary journeys and leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime.

  • The Line Pt.8 - Sizzling Secrets

    The Line Pt.8 - Sizzling Secrets

    In this episode of 'The Line,' Phil and Eric confront the dark side of the culinary world as they delve into the topic of kitchen abuses in top restaurants. From toxic work environments to harassment and exploitation, they share their experiences and discuss strategies for addressing and preventing abuse in professional kitchens. Join them as they shine a light on this important issue and advocate for a safer, more respectful culinary industry.

  • The Line Pt. 7 - Fueling the Fire

    The Line Pt. 7 - Fueling the Fire

    🔥🍴 On episode 7 of "The Line" series, Phil and Eric are back with more kitchen chaos tales from the world of fine dining! This time, they dive into wild stories about kitchens running out of gas, blackouts during service, and the legendary fire at Mugaritz. Find out how top chefs and their teams pulled off miraculous meals against all odds. Plus, meet the unforgettable characters who keep these high-stakes kitchens running. It's a rollercoaster of culinary crises and creativity—don't miss it!