Liquid Gastronomy: Esther Merino on Cutting-Edge Beverages

Pot Luck Food Talks by Phil & Eric

Episode notes

In this episode, Eric delves into the fascinating world of liquid gastronomy with the esteemed Esther Merino, a veteran from renowned establishments like Disfrutar and Alchemist. Esther, a pioneering Beverage Developer, shares her insights on the convergence of traditional and cutting-edge techniques in creating innovative drinks. From kombuchas and kefir to low-temperature distillation and centrifugation, Esther’s experimental approach is driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a creative quest for new flavors. Known for her passion for foraging wild ingredients and using a diverse array of plants, seeds, roots, and even insects, Esther takes us on a journey through the future of beverages. Join us as we explore the art and science behind these high-value gastronomic creations.