Wassim Sahibi - Carbon Trader at SCB Group

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

Wassim Sahibi is an experienced carbon and EAC's trader. He's a long time evangelist of blockchain technology and its capabilities to help propel the voluntary carbon market forward. He joins Phaedrus and DiamondHands to discuss the large impact carbon projects have on communities and the importance of tackling the climate crisis from many angles.

What they touch on:

(1:39) Wassim’s background

(4:42) SCB Group

(6:02) Carbon projects

(10:37) Impact of carbon credits

(14:25) High vs low quality credits

(18:58) Using blockchain to fight the climate crisis

(22:49) Shifting VCM on-chain

(23:59) SCB Group x KlimaDAO

(26:52) Using Klima Infinity

(28:00) Climate market education

(29:49) ReFi in 2033

(31:33) Closing thoughts

(33:11) Key takeaways

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