Wetin be Bitcoin ETF?

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Episode notes

Real world Assets

Who go believe say dem go ever approve ETF for di crypto space, dis mata go loud!. 

As you don hear say dem don approve BITCOIN ETF, e just be like say dem dey cap cause ETF na mata wey dey popular with Stock, bond, and other investment fund and no be Crypto. 

However, as dem don approve dis model, everibodi dey happy because e mean say plenti Pipo go like shook mouth for inside crypto. 

For dis episode we gada talk:

  • Wetin ETF be
  • How di approval go affect di market. 
  • Wetin bi di advantages & disadvantages. 

If dis mata interest you, make una download and listen. 

Enjoy this episode🎉

Disclaimer - beware

Nothing wey we dey share be financial advice, make una do your research well well.

Thank you

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