ReFi dey change di World, Una don hear?

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Episode notes

ReFi, wey oyinbo Pipo dey call Regenerative Finance, dey change di world. Dis one no be lie o, na correct matter.

Many Pipo wey dey web3 dey do DeFi, Desci, NFT, Degen, but only small % dey reason ReFi…

Di reason be say ReFi no dey run as others dey behave, but as una go dey hear for dis episode ReFi dey change Pipo life and many Pipo no even sabi…

Na why I call one maxi wey dey di ReFi space make Im come tell us about am.

For dis episode, una go learn…

  • Wetin be ReFi
  • How ReFi take different from Public Good.
  • How we fit get more Pipo wey dey DeFi to dey reason ReFi.
  • Di Challenges wey dey ReFi and how una go fit manage am.

If dis mata interest you, make una download and listen.

Enjoy this episode🎉

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