Tokenomics : Optimism dey do am Right?

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Episode notes
Una don see hear wetin we talk for the 1st part of this topic, how tokenomics dey important for di success of any project. Today we go dey reason Optimism ecosystem and see wetin dey happen for their tokenomics and wetin one or two projects fit learn about thier ecosystem tokenomics You go learn:
  • Some terms for tokenomics wey go let you understand the subject better.
  • How Optimism Tokenomics dey work.
  • Wetin be the downside of tokenomics.
  • How you fit shook your money inside di ecosystem, if you want buy(NFA)
If this mata interest you, make una download and listen. Oya go download and listenEnjoy this episode🎉Disclaimer - bewareNothing wey we dey share be financial advice, make una do your research well well. Thank youFollow our Twitter :
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