Ep. 21 - Ayo

Peace Over Pieces Domestic Abuse Survivor Podcast by Clara Baldwin

Episode notes

My name is Ayo, I live in Hampshire, Uk. I’m 37 (almost 38). I love to keep fit, working out, yoga and running. I write poetry about love/heartbreak and things in between. I love to dance and enjoying my freedom and second chance at life.

I am now working on building a career so I can be successful, thrive and show my children that I came out the other side a success story. I hope they will be proud of me. The relationship lasted 16 years, last 9 with the abuse I talk about. Although overall the relationship had controlling aspects and a lot of emotional abuse, hugely affecting my confidence for a long time.

After the main big arrest, he also had me arrested another two times for “breach of non-molestation order”, showing how relentless he was during this time.”