Peace Over Pieces Domestic Abuse Survivor Podcast

by Clara Baldwin

Domestic Abuse Awareness Podcast. Peace Over Pieces is a non-profit domestic violence organization creating podcasts with victims- while providing donations, hotline information, and resources. Listen to survivors' stories of how they conquered abuse and overcame unimaginable obstacles to get there.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E23 - Ep. 23 - Kate

    S01 E23 - Ep. 23 - KateExplicit

    "Hello there, I'm a patchwork artist with the business name, Patchwookmama, on Instagram. I began sewing in September 2021 as a distraction when I had really bad insomnia after leaving my abusive situation. I started with hand sew...

  • S01 E22 - Ep. 22 - Anna

    S01 E22 - Ep. 22 - AnnaExplicit

    Meet Anna, a courageous individual who miraculously escaped her abuser after 6 years and has now become an expert on violence against women. She is also a certified mental health first aider and has worked with renowned non-profit...

  • S01 E21 - Ep. 21 - Ayo

    S01 E21 - Ep. 21 - Ayo Explicit

    My name is Ayo, I live in Hampshire, Uk. I’m 37 (almost 38). I love to keep fit, working out, yoga and running. I write poetry about love/heartbreak and things in between. I love to dance and enjoying my freedom and second chance ...

  • S01 E20 - Ep. 20 - Chrissie

    S01 E20 - Ep. 20 - ChrissieExplicit

    Dive into Chrissie's story facing domestic abuse and how she overcame what seemed an impossible journey.

  • S01 E19 - Ep. 19 - Lucy Newton

    S01 E19 - Ep. 19 - Lucy NewtonExplicit

    Hi, my name is Kebz I’m a 29 year old woman living in the Easy Midlands, England. Here I tell my story of how falling into a domestically abusive relationship as a teenager led me to fall victim to predatory men as a young adult &...