Peace Over Pieces Domestic Abuse Survivor Podcast

by Clara Baldwin

Domestic Abuse Awareness Podcast. Peace Over Pieces is a non-profit domestic violence organization creating podcasts with victims- while providing donations, hotline information, and resources. Listen to survivors' stories of how they conquered abuse and overcame unimaginable obstacles to get there.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E17 - Ep. 17 - Steven Stakias

    S01 E17 - Ep. 17 - Steven StakiasExplicit

    19-year-old Steven Stakias is a sophomore nursing major and survivor of abuse. He shares his heart wrenching story of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of his fraternities president while attending York College of Pennsylvania...

  • S01 E16 - Ep. 16 - Ashley Fossen

    S01 E16 - Ep. 16 - Ashley FossenExplicit

    Ashley Fossen recently went viral on TikTok sharing her past with an abusive relationship - and how everything looked "perfect" on social media, but actually was far from. She touches on the psychological feeling of why it's diffi...

  • S01 E15 - Ep. 15 - Krissy Long

    S01 E15 - Ep. 15 - Krissy LongExplicit

    Today our special guest is Kristen Long. She is a 30-year-old stay at home mother of 3. Married to her husband for five years. Kristen attended Columbia College and received my associates degree in Human Services. On this podcast ...

  • S01 E14 - Ep. 14 - Alex Dickneite

    S01 E14 - Ep. 14 - Alex Dickneite

    My fiancé Alex Dickneite and I sit down to discuss the topic of the outside perspective looking into abuse, dating someone from an abusive past, and the stereotypes and change of perception being someone who wasn't aware of what a...

  • S01 E13 - Ep. 13 - Cristo Tabares

    S01 E13 - Ep. 13 - Cristo Tabares

    Excited for this episode with a good friend of mine, Cristo Tabares.Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, he was very active in sports, student council, and community organizations growing up. 23-years-old and raised by a single ...