Ep. 29 - Ronni and Jennie: Our Sister Story

Peace Over Pieces Domestic Abuse Survivor Podcast by Clara Baldwin

Episode notes

Ronni and Jennie are sisters who weren't supposed to be friends. Growing up in a home with addiction, abuse, and untreated mental illness, they were forced into the roles of "hero" and "scapegoat," and pitted against each other. They came together as adults to repair their relationship, help each other heal, and break the cycle of trauma and abuse for their own children. In this episode, they share their story, including the abuse that occurred between them. They do so because many people who experience abuse in adult relationships were also abused as children—recognizing the connections between these experiences can be an important part of healing. Their mission is to combine their personal and professional backgrounds to raise awareness about childhood trauma—particularly the damage done to sibling relationships—in order to help others find hea ... 

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