Your Artsy Friend

by Arastasia Rolain

Hey, you! Yes, you – the one with the creative soul and a heart full of dreams!

Welcome to a podcast that's like that friend who shows up with a cup of coffee, ready to chat about all things art, life, and the beautiful mess in between.

You're listening to - "Your Artsy Friend" – a cozy space where we celebrate the amazingness that is YOU and your incredible creative journey.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Learning Self-Compassion: Overcoming Hurtful Self-Talk During Tough Times

    Learning Self-Compassion: Overcoming Hurtful Self-Talk During Tough Times Overview: "Embrace Self-Compassion: Overcoming Self-Criticism"In this episode of "Your Artsy Friend," we delve into the concept of self-compassion and its significance in navigating self-criticism during challenging times. Join me as we explore practical tips and personal experiences to help you develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself.Section 1: The Inner Bully and Self-CompassionUnderstanding the inner critic and its impact on self-esteem.Five actionable tips for practicing self-compassion:Tip #1: Acknowledging your inner critic.Tip #2: Journaling to confront unkind thoughts.Tip #3: Treating yourself with the love you'd offer a loved one.Tip #4: Replacing self-criticism with compassion and affirmations.Tip #5: Focusing on solutions rather than self-shame.Section 2: A Personal Journey to Self-CompassionA personal story of a beloved pet's disappearance triggering self-blame.The transition from worry to harsh self-talk and questioning self-worth.Relating to moments of self-criticism in various life situations.ConclusionEmphasizing the importance of recognizing and embracing self-compassion during self-critical moments.Encouragement to treat oneself with kindness and understanding.A reminder that self-compassion is a valuable tool for personal growth and self-improvement.Thank you for tuning in to this episode of "Your Artsy Friend." Stay inspired and uplifted as we explore the art of self-compassion on our creative journey.

  • 3 Tips for Breaking Free from Creative Ruts

    3 Tips for Breaking Free from Creative Ruts

    Link to sign up for the creative challengeLink to my InstagramLink to the Your Artsy Friend blog-3 Tips for Breaking Free from Creative Ruts-episode recap & breakdown:Intro & Creative Remedy ChallengeAn exciting announcement: Introducing the Creative Remedy Challenge starting September 1st.Join us for 3 weeks of creativity, inspiration, and a supportive community.Head over to for details and sign-up.Understanding Creative RutsDefining the feeling of being stuck in a creative rut.The desire to create but struggling to find the inspiration and motivation.Mindset Shift & AcceptanceThe importance of embracing imperfection and letting go of the need for perfection.Recognizing that your creativity is uniquely yours and it's for your well-being.Overcoming the pressure to excel and fostering a mindset of self-expression.Experimentation & Rediscovering ImaginationTapping into the curiosity and imagination you had as a child.The Creative Remedy Challenge as an opportunity to reflect on early creative memories.Embracing experimentation and creative play without worrying about the outcome.Forcing Creativity into Your RoutinePrioritizing creativity in your daily life.Making time for creativity by swapping TV time for artistic pursuits.Doodling, drawing, or engaging in creative activities while watching shows.Finding Magic in the EverydayNoticing the extraordinary in the ordinary: the sky, clouds, colors, and shapes.Taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around you and drawing inspiration from it.Using these small moments to fuel your creativity and break free from ruts.Creative Remedy Challenge ReminderA friendly reminder to join the Creative Remedy Challenge.A 3-week journey of exploration, inspiration, and community support.Head to for sign-up details and access to resources.Closing ThoughtsEmbrace imperfection, experiment boldly, and honor the magic in everyday moments.Creative ruts are a natural part of the journey, leading to growth and transformation.Thank you for tuning in to "Your Artsy Friend." Don't forget to subscribe for more artistic inspiration and discussions.

  • Affordable Self-Care Outside of Therapy

    Affordable Self-Care Outside of Therapy this episode, I share personal insights on how to nurture your well-being affordably. With my own journey of anxiety and childhood trauma, I know therapy isn't always feasible. So, I've discovered four powerful techniques to manage anxiety, creative blocks, and foster self-discovery.I dive into the therapeutic power of podcasts like "The Adult Chair with Michelle Chalfant" for comfort, "Mindset Mentor" for motivation, and "Self Love Fix" for balanced perspective.I emphasize the magic of journaling, guided by books such as "My Pocket Meditations for Self Compassion" and "Healing Through Words" by Rupi Kaur.We explore therapeutic apps, including "7 Cups" for support, "Happify" for meditation and challenges, and "I AM" for tailored affirmations.Lastly, I celebrate the creative journey as a healing path. From painting clouds to doodling, I reveal how creativity anchors my well-being.For a comprehensive guide, download my free "Blooming Creativity" kit. It's packed with resources, journaling prompts, exercises, and scheduling tools. Join me on this journey of self-care and creative growth!Tune in to the full episode and let "Your Artsy Friend" inspire your well-being journey!

  • 3 Tips For Handling Imposter Syndrome from Your Artsy Friend

    3 Tips For Handling Imposter Syndrome from Your Artsy Friend i think of imposter syndrome I think of the little voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself, makes you question your abilities, but most importantly, the little voice is a thief of the joy that doing something passionate brings you. It’s awful.Have you ever felt so great about something you were creating, or working on.And in that moment you forgot about any insecurities and you solely felt the PASSION for doing something you love? Whether it be a split second, a few minutes, maybe even a few weeks. You just felt the excitement and joy with what you were doing.THAT’S the feeling and more importantly, the MINDSET, I want us to all strive for.Because when imposter syndrome creeps in… it takes that away, and robs us of true meaning behind why we do what we do.

  • When Depression & Anxiety Impact Your Passions

    When Depression & Anxiety Impact Your Passions

    In this episode I share my journey of struggling with anxiety and depression, and how it has negatively impacted my passion for inspiring others, and releasing new podcast episodes.My journey of accepting imperfections in myself is a constant work in progress, and I very vulnerably discussed how feeling mentally not my best is causing me to self sabotage my passions.So in this episode, here I am...To remind you that i am a hot mess.And I am still actually working through a lot.And that chances are, i’m going to be working through a lot for a while.Life truly is a roller coaster, it has ups and downs. But i cannot give up my passion because of those.And so if you feel as though you can’t make an impact because you’re not at your best, and because you’re struggling, and because goodness gracious anxiety and depression really know how to make things tough,I want you to think about your purpose.Think about why you do what you doAnd think about what you can do to embrace that purpose, even when you know you’re not at your best.For me, it’s speaking authentically.