Episode notes

Tina leads the episode starting a discussion about the word verbiage inside the fiber arts community. The usage of "illness" words when describing our yarn collections in particular is the focus of the topic. First, they talk about their own personal feelings regarding these types of words, as well as if and when they can be problematic. Jess mentions their love for dragon "hoards", so it doesn't need to have a negative connotation. Tina mentions the type of hashtags she used in the beginning to go viral, and the popular usage of "yarn addict" or "yarn addiction". Drea and Meg think "stash" is something that's not as problematic as words like "addiction". Especially as "addiction" is something that should not be made light of, and the community should be more aware of it. Meg compares the term "OCD" to how folks don't fit a specific mold when it  ... 

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