Pardon My Stash

by Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess

Knitters (and crafters) unite! Come join us weekly for a conversation about knitting, crochet, and yarn crafts all around. With a touch of comedy and sass, we talk about projects, pitfalls, and pointers about the fiber arts. Find more content on our Patreon or on 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E13 - Hyperfixation is Fun

    S03 E13 - Hyperfixation is Fun

    Drea leads the episode and needs to vent - she's very focused on a different craft other than fiber arts, and she doesn't know what to do! The group discusses how hyperfixations affect them in different ways, and the different way...

  • S03 E12 - Taking a Step Back

    S03 E12 - Taking a Step Back

    Meg leads the episode and lets the cast know about the latest news regarding the Stitches events. The topic dives into the opposite of last week, where you realize a project isn't working, where to go for help, and what to do when...

  • S03 E11 - Taking the Next Step

    S03 E11 - Taking the Next Step

    Jess leads this week's episode talking about when and how to take the next step in your knitting or crochet. Whether it's learning to purl or steeking, everyone's journey is their own! The cast discusses the pressure of making cer...

  • S03 E10 - Creativity vs. Business

    S03 E10 - Creativity vs. Business

    Tina has a yarn segment about nice quality, affordable yarn, and provides her top five favorites. The cast talks about how to handle creative businesses, and tips they would offer for those looking to start an indie dye business, ...

  • S03 E09 - Crafting Rituals

    S03 E09 - Crafting Rituals

    Drea leads the episode with discussing different rituals we do surrounding our crafting process, whether it be knitting, crochet, or otherwise. Drea and Tina discuss their couch recliner blankets, snacks, and trash TV. Jess and Me...