Oh Baby A TripleExplicit

by Wow Factory

Welcome to Oh Baby a Triple, the TV show, turned radio show, turned podcast, turned live stream! Here we talk about movies, tv, video games and anime. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 6

  • S06 E06 - OBAT S6E6: Fast & Furious

    S06 E06 - OBAT S6E6: Fast & FuriousExplicit

    Watching 9 Fast and Furious movies melted our brains and sanity, but we loved every minute.

  • S06 E05 - OBAT S6E5: One Piece

    S06 E05 - OBAT S6E5: One PieceExplicit

    AHOY MATES! Time to baton down the poop deck and set sails to find the one, the only, One Piece

  • S06 E04 - OBAT S6E4: Transformers

    S06 E04 - OBAT S6E4: TransformersExplicit

    We take the battle to Earth in this episode we talk Transformers. Grab your Bud Light and Tom Kenny robots. It's time to see if this series is more than meets the eye.

  • S06 E03 - OBAT S6E3: Pokémon

    S06 E03 - OBAT S6E3: PokémonExplicit

    Pokémon celebrates 25 years and we celebrate it here on Oh Baby a Triple with our good friend Marc!

  • S06 E02 - OBAT S6E2: May the Juggalos Find Him

    S06 E02 - OBAT S6E2: May the Juggalos Find HimExplicit

    Diving into the Dark Carnival we discuss Michigan based rap group ICP ft. Kayleigh