Ghost Stories

Nope. I'm Scared by Alexa Bohorquez and Ella Farris

Episode notes

Hello! We're back! Sorry for the unexpected break; moving has a lot of hiccups and stress that we didn't plan for. In light of the Supreme Court decision, we're just here to tell you that we are just as mad and disgusted about this and we want you to know that we are here if you need to vent or need help. You can always come visit your buds in Oregon for your next vacation. <3

So we took it easy this week, and Josh is filling in for Ella again because she was on a trip during this recording session. We're just going to talk about some spooky ghost stories because when I think about Summer, I think of ghost stories to tell around the fire. Love you lots, ghosts and ghouls, and stay tuned for some fun ideas we're playing with come our 2 year anniversary in July!

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