Nope. I'm ScaredExplicit

by Alexa Bohorquez and Ella Farris

Hello! We are just two sisters who love to talk about the weird and spooky. True crime? yep. Ghosts? Of course. Lore? Oh, you bet. Hopefully we are serving up something you can dig (like a grave) and come on our spooky adventure with us. We are in no way pros at this and are very much still figuring this all out, but we're having fun and hope you do too. Byeeeeeee! 

Podcast episodes

  • E66 - Oregon Cryptids

    E66 - Oregon Cryptids

    Hello! We're back! So sorry, so sorry. We've had a lot going on but the big thing is Alexa moved. Wow, yay, Oregon! So what's the first thing you do when you move somewhere? Look at the scary cryptids in the state. Exactly! We tho...

  • E65 - The Flannan Isle Lighthouse Disappearances

    E65 - The Flannan Isle Lighthouse Disappearances

    In the cold and foggy night of December 15, 1900 a ship noted that the lighthouse was not lit, which is strange already, but when investigators went to see what had happened to the men working there, they found that all of them ha...

  • E64 - Gypsy Rose and the Murder of DeeDee Blanchard

    E64 - Gypsy Rose and the Murder of DeeDee BlanchardExplicit

    When a series of unsettling Facebook posts send neighbors to the home of DeeDee Blanchard and her seriously ill and wheelchair-bound daughter, police find a crime scene and a found Gypsy, who is completely capable of walking and n...

  • E63 - Spooky Halloween Stories

    E63 - Spooky Halloween Stories

    Happy Halloween our spooky babes! It is Samhain and we're doing all of our witchy, ghosty goodness but we have left to you some spooky, scary, stories. Sorry about the late posting but we've had a lot going on with moving and work...

  • E62 - Dennis DePue and Jeepers Creepers

    E62 - Dennis DePue and Jeepers CreepersExplicit

    Do you remember that movie about the scarecrow that was actually a weird bat-man? It has Justin Long in it. Yeah! Jeepers Creepers! Well there is maybe a true crime story behind it that inspired the writer/director to make the fil...