Nope. I'm ScaredExplicit

by Alexa Bohorquez and Ella Farris

Hello! We are just two sisters who love to talk about the weird and spooky. True crime? yep. Ghosts? Of course. Lore? Oh, you bet. Hopefully we are serving up something you can dig (like a grave) and come on our spooky adventure with us. We are in no way pros at this and are very much still figuring this all out, but we're having fun and hope you do too. Byeeeeeee! 

Podcast episodes

  • E89 - The Death of Mary Reeser

    E89 - The Death of Mary Reeser

    So we can say that Mary Reeser did die but the jury is still out on what some of us think happened to her, Was is a simple matter of self combustion or was there something else going on. Did she just slip her slippers into blissfu...

  • E88 - The New Jersey Devil

    E88 - The New Jersey Devil

    It's September now and spooky season has officially begun! We're starting to pile up on out research to get back to normal for the haunting time of the year, so dial back in! The Jersey Devil AKA the Leeds Devil is a story as old ...

  • E87 - Some Haunted Camping Grounds

    E87 - Some Haunted Camping Grounds

    It's still summer! (unfortunately) We always think of camping in the summer time whether it's a summer camp, day camp, or you march yourself and your family out into those haunted woods and willingly let yourself fall asleep. So, ...

  • E86 - Annabelle the Doll

    E86 - Annabelle the Doll

    This gal has a lot of stories surrounding her all shrouded in mystery and rumor. We're looking into her origins (not the Annabelle Creations movie, that was all fiction, same as most of the Annabelle movie tbh) but the story that ...

  • E85 - Ghost Stories

    E85 - Ghost StoriesExplicit

    Hello! We're back! Sorry for the unexpected break; moving has a lot of hiccups and stress that we didn't plan for. In light of the Supreme Court decision, we're just here to tell you that we are just as mad and disgusted about thi...