The Sunday Worship Podcast

by New Life Church Ann Arbor

The Sunday Service Podcast by New Life Church Ann Arbor was created to explain the "why" behind our Sunday gatherings as a church. Want to know what we do on a Sunday and why we do those things? This is the place to find out!

Podcast episodes

  • Advent


    For this 4th episode, Jon Roe invited Jack Duiven & Hannah Witte, to discuss the topic of Advent. These three discuss the why, how, and what of Advent, as well as how it relates to our Sunday Worship. We hope this episode helps you to engage with Advent, whether for the first time, or again, in a new and fresh way.

  • Singing and Musical Worship

    Singing and Musical Worship

    For this new episode Jon Roe invited a special guest, Dr. Vinnie Zarletti, to discuss the topic of singing and musical worship as it relates to our Sunday worship. Dr Zarletti brings extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of worship and formation. He is a professor of music and chairman of that department at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. We hope you enjoy this new episode!

  • Communion


    On this episode, we are going to discuss what Communion is, why we do it, and how a regular rhythm of going to the Table can draw us closer to deeper intimacy in our worship of God. Jon Roe is joined this episode by Kyle chase for this discussion.

  • The Why of Sunday

    The Why of Sunday

    As we kickoff this podcast series on Sunday Worship, we wanted to start with the question of Why Sunday? What’s so important about Sundays and what is happening in Sunday worship from a spiritual practice point of view as well as what we believe is happening theologically? Join host Jon Roe and guests Nik Spasovski and Rick Keith for this conversation!Production: Dan Chen