Off the Toilet: Can Skipping Squats Land You in Assisted Living?

Nacho Fitness Coach by Caleigh and Sara

Episode notes

Welcome to Season 4 of Nacho Fitness Coach! In our premiere episode, Caleigh kicks things off by assuring everyone (herself?) that she’s totally fine (she’s not) and she totally doesn’t need therapy (she does). The girls discuss their upcoming marathon—okay, it’s a half marathon—okay—it’s a HALF OF A HALF marathon! But they’re both sure they’re going to crush it! Then, Sara shares her oddly specific fear of being stranded on the toilet in her old age, sparking a conversation about the importance of maintaining lower body strength and mobility. She uncovers a fascinating social media post outlining the leading cause of assisted living admissions and tips to preserve independence. Spoiler alert: it’s all about keeping those legs strong!

Credit for the post we discussed in this episode: instagram.com/trainbloom/

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