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Step into the cozy confines of 'My Parent’s Basement', where nostalgia meets the present. Hosted by Sam and Griffin, and a revolving door of intriguing guests, we dive deep into the worlds of Movies, Sports, Games, and beyond. From the latest blockbuster hits to the most debated sports plays, our discussions know no bounds. And, with Mom's generous stash of snacks to keep us fueled, we're geared up for marathon sessions of f ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Ice Cream Showdown


    Ice Cream Showdown


    Get ready for a frosty debate in this delightful episode of 'My Parent’s Basement'! In a surprise twist, Sam presents a tier list challenge to Griffin, setting the stage for a spirited showdown over the top ice cream flavors of all time. Join the duo as they laugh, spar, and passionately defend their picks, from classic vanillas to exotic blends. Which flavors will reign supreme, and which will churn up controversy? Tune in for a scoop of fun and fervent debate that might just change how you view your favorite ice cream! Learn More About the Show: Watch Sam and Griffin live: Music from #Uppbeat License code: RQVCKREQIISFK7K2

  • Wrestling & Nintendo Direct


    Wrestling & Nintendo Direct


    Sam and Griffin dive into the world of professional wrestling and the latest from Nintendo. The episode kicks off with the recent happenings in pro wrestling, spotlighting the buzz around Wyatt Sicks. The focus then shifts to the much-anticipated Nintendo Direct event of June 2024. The hosts dissect announcements from the event, sharing their likes, dislikes, and the announcements that had them on the edge of their seats. Whether you're a wrestling fan or a Nintendo enthusiast, this episode packs a punch with deep dives into the excitement and disappointments of the latest gaming news. Learn More About the Show: Watch Sam and Griffin live: Music from #Uppbeat License code: RPVKZORTMENQIH63

  • Smiles & Game Reveals


    Smiles & Game Reveals


    The show kicks off with Griffin sharing his fresh experiences of watching 'Smiling Friends,' followed by a fun breakdown of their favorite scenes and episodes that had them rolling. The duo then shifts gears to discuss the latest announcements from various game showcase events, giving insights and reactions to the newest game reveals that are setting the community abuzz. Whether you're a fan of quirky animations or eagerly awaiting the next big game, this episode has something for everyone! Learn More About the Show: Watch Sam and Griffin live: Music from #Uppbeat License code: ITWZ0FIRKEY2X6M5

  • Deals, Legos & Fortnite

    Deals, Legos & Fortnite

    The episode kicks off with a deep dive into the recent blunder by David "Butt-Chug" Zaslav, analyzing how his mismanagement led the NBA to seek a more lucrative deal elsewhere, shaking up the sports broadcasting landscape. The conversation then shifts to a lighter yet pressing issue: the soaring prices of Legos and how it affects fans and collectors. Rounding off the episode, Sam and Griffin share their exhilarating experiences with the latest season of Fortnite, discussing new features and strategies that have them hooked. Tune in for a blend of business insights and gaming fun! Learn More About the Show: Watch Sam and Griffin live: Music from #Uppbeat License code: U7YKTLM7TQJ6SQPZ

  • Games, AI & Backlash


    Games, AI & Backlash


    Sam and Griffin explore the latest in gaming and digital culture. The episode kicks off with the exciting announcement of Black Ops 6, promising more thrilling gameplay. Next, they discuss the new Kingdom Hearts release on Steam, a moment Sam has been eagerly anticipating. The conversation takes a serious turn as they delve into the controversy surrounding Naughty Dog, where Neil Druckmann's praise for artificial intelligence in game development has sparked significant debate. Lastly, Sam opens up about the recent surge in popularity of his YouTube channel, though not all the attention has been positive, as his latest opinion video has faced a wave of backlash. Tune in for a blend of fan excitement, industry insights, and personal stories from the digital frontlines. Watch Sam and Griffin live: Music from #Uppbeat License code: X5F2JP0J6NELOPQE