Mutuality, Inerrancy and the Power of Story

CBE Denver's Mutuality Minded by CBE Denver Chapter

Episode notes

With us today is Dr. Eva Bleeker. Chaplain Eva, as she prefers to be called, is a board-certified professional chaplain with a decade of experience in acute care hospitals and an assistant professor at Denver Seminary. Her research sits at the intersection of pastoral care, narrative identity, and practical theology. She holds a Master of Science in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, two Masters of Arts from Dallas Theological Seminary (Christian Education and Media and Communication), and a doctorate from Baylor University. Through her teaching, Chaplain Eva aims to integrate pastoral theory, empirical data, and the biblical text. Enjoy listening to Chaplain Eva’s personal journey including how a fuller understanding of the inerrant Word of God allowed her to hear and embrace God’s call. Dr. Bleeker has a delightful and enlight ... 

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