CBE Denver's Mutuality Minded

by CBE Denver Chapter

Our prayer and hope for this podcast is that it would be an online space for encouragement for church leaders and mutuality advocates in the Denver area and beyond, as well as a place for continued education and information on biblical mutuality.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Mutuality, Counseling, and Missions

    Mutuality, Counseling, and Missions

    Joining us on this podcast is Kirsten Adorno. Kirsten graduated from Denver Seminary’s counselling program and currently works as a counsellor at Full Bloom Counseling Center where she serves people living in Colorado. In addition, Kirsten uses her gifts and talents in intercultural ministry by serving as a member of the counselling team for World Venture. Members of this widely recognized and respected Christian nonprofit organization seek to equip, train, and care for over 500 long-term career missionaries serving in over 65 countries. You will be blessed as you hear Kirsten’s personal story and listen to her insights into ways to navigate mutuality as a woman in private life, in the counselling field, and alongside others serving in cross-cultural ministry.

  • Women Planting Churches – Trials and Triumphs

    Women Planting Churches – Trials and Triumphs

    Today we talk with Pastor Danielle Reeves, graduate of Denver Seminary, as she discusses her journey as a women called to ministry. Danielle shares how she served the body of Christ in a plethora of areas. She performed many roles in ministry as God grew her and prepared her for her present task. Danielle felt the call to pursue her Master of Divinity, and upon graduation felt led to use her leadership skills and love for people to plant a church. While the journey has not been easy, Danielle shares that in Christ, it has been good. Listen in and be encouraged as Danielle shares her story of the various trials and many triumphs associated with being a female church planter.

  • Mutuality, Inerrancy and the Power of Story

    Mutuality, Inerrancy and the Power of Story

    With us today is Dr. Eva Bleeker. Chaplain Eva, as she prefers to be called, is a board-certified professional chaplain with a decade of experience in acute care hospitals and an assistant professor at Denver Seminary. Her research sits at the intersection of pastoral care, narrative identity, and practical theology. She holds a Master of Science in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, two Masters of Arts from Dallas Theological Seminary (Christian Education and Media and Communication), and a doctorate from Baylor University. Through her teaching, Chaplain Eva aims to integrate pastoral theory, empirical data, and the biblical text. Enjoy listening to Chaplain Eva’s personal journey including how a fuller understanding of the inerrant Word of God allowed her to hear and embrace God’s call. Dr. Bleeker has a delightful and enlightening way of teaching truth by way of narrative. Enjoy!

  • Mutuality in Ministry, Marriage and Education

    Mutuality in Ministry, Marriage and Education

    Joining us are Emily and Chase Worth. Emily is a student at Denver Seminary pursuing a Masters of Divinity while on staff at Wellspring Church. Chase is also a student at Denver Seminary in the counseling program. Chase and Emily have collective wisdom from their own journeys as they seek to embrace mutuality both separately and together in their spheres of influence. You will enjoy their honest and intentional approach to living out mutuality at home, in the church, and in the world.

  • Season 2

  • Calling and Women in Ministry

    Calling and Women in Ministry

    Listen to Dan Steiner, co-author of What is My Calling? A Biblical and Theological Exploration of Christian Identity, and past-Professor of Training and Mentoring at Denver Seminary, talk about what it really means to be called by God. His passion for empowering people to carry out their calling to Christ in doing the work of ministry in and outside the local church, irregardless of gender, is clear and contagious!