EPISODE 80 - A Diagnosis Journey discussion with Beneath the Tracksuit’s Robert Gillet


Episode notes

Join me in welcoming back Robert (Robbie) Gillett - aka Beneath the Tracksuit - as we discuss his most recent book A Diagnosis Journey, and all things MS. In this episode, we talk about the major themes in the book - exploring unusual symptoms in his early life, how he bravely forged himself anew after MS broke him apart, and other concepts that have helped him along the way, such as the journey from reluctance to acceptance, learning to embrace life and letting go of the desire to control, becoming more comfortable with change, being open to utilizing helpful tools, getting the support we need (and unfortunately the support we don’t need!), and the incredible power of gratitude and giving thanks. We’ll also talk about what’s new in Robbie’s life in terms of his current MS advocacy projects and get an exciting sneak peak into what he’s working on ... 

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