The Movement As Medicine Podcast - Episode 25: Brendon Live In Studio, Gym Planning and Zone 2 Training

The Movement As Medicine Podcast by Brendon Rearick & Kevin Carr

Episode notes

Show Notes:

Train Smarter and Harder Fitness

  • The Garage Gym

  • The 24/7 Hybrid Model?

  • Opening before COVID vs after COVID

  • Silver vs. Platinum Memberships

  • Uninitiated believers 63% - Price | Time | Value

  • Whatever you decide to do you’re going to have headache

  • Just send an email, the worst that can happen is they say no or they don’t answer

Zone 2

  • Is low intensity cardiac output work, done for an extended period of time

  • Build a bigger gas tank

  • Can you have a conversation still is Zone Two, if you’re breathing heavy it’s probably not Zone 2

  • If you’re not fast or good enough to get o ... 

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