The Movement As Medicine Podcast - Episode 15: Adult programming for 1:1, small and large groups

The Movement As Medicine Podcast by Brendon Rearick & Kevin Carr

Episode notes

Show Notes:

Programming for Adult Groups

  • Different price points = different expectations and options for individualization

  • A system of regressions and progressions ensures no one is held back, no one is left behind and everyone is safe and successful

  • The rule of 3 and 10: your operations and systems need to change whenever you multiply by 3 or 10… 3 people, 10 people, 30 people, 100 people, 300 people, etc…

  • The philosophy stays the same, but the methods change. If you have a universal belief system all your workouts should look similar.

  • Do we have the equipment? Do we have the space? Is it safe for a large group?

Intro Program (micro):

  • We do have the same ability to assess people signing up for group training due to the l ... 

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