How do you program conditioning? and what is Max Aerobic Speed (MAS)?

The Movement As Medicine Podcast by Brendon Rearick & Kevin Carr

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Show Notes:

1. How Do We Use Heart Rate Monitors At MBSC?

  • We encourage all clients to use MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring.

  • Primarily to monitor resting HR, prescribe rest and screen for possible health issues.

    • Resting HR - Elevated resting HR directly correlates with all-cause mortality independent of physical fitness (Goal: under 100% os MAS are the most effective way to improve aerobic power.

    • Specifically, intensity of 120% of MAS was determined to be the best single speed for short intervals to improve MAS

    • We use a set time trial or a set distance test on the airdyne or assault bike.

      • 5-6 min time trial

      • 2 mile time trial on Assaul ... 

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