The Movement As Medicine Podcast - Episode 31: Wes "Showdub" Showalter - How To Become A Successful Independent Contractor In The Fitness Industry

The Movement As Medicine Podcast by Brendon Rearick & Kevin Carr

Episode notes

Wes "Showdub" Showalter has had a long and winding road in the fitness industry in multiple cities, businesses, and coaching positions. Despite changing locations and taking on new challenges he has consistently developed himself into the most sought-after coach in his area time and time again. Wes combines an incredibly outgoing personality with a work ethic and great technical coaching skills that have made him indispensable wherever he coaches. In this, extremely entertaining and informative podcast, Wes shares his story and shines a light on the lessons that he has learned in his journey to become a successful independent contractor in the fitness industry.

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