Eating Like Your Life Depends on It. Because, it does

Mommy Heal Thyself by Dr Michelle Gamble

Episode notes

In this episode, I introduce you to Carol Grieve.

Carol Grievé is a holistic nutritionist, life coach, food educator, speaker, journalist and the host of the internet talk radio show, Food Integrity Now. Over the past 15 years she has interviewed some of the most influential food and health experts in the world with almost 300 podcasts and live interviews and has written many articles relating to health and wellness. She assists individuals and groups to eliminate chemicals and toxins from their diet and to create a way of eating that works for them to create healthy immune systems, mind, body and spirit.

Carol was recognized by Applegate Foods and won their National award for being one of the most influential food educators in 2018. She continues to educate and assist individuals and groups to have a better quality of life  ... 

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