Quality Family Time: Strategies for Meaningful Connections

Mom Life Handbook—Your Guide to Motherhood, Parenting, Personal Growth, Productivity + Mindfulness by Erin Christopoulos, M.S.Ed. | Teacher, Parenting Expert + Mom Strategist

Episode notes

Do you find yourself caught up in the busyness of mom life—struggling to keep up with the endless responsibilities while wondering how to make the most of your time with your kids? In this eye-opening episode we take a deep dive into the truth of parenting in our fast-paced world. We address the guilt, the struggles, and offer solutions that really work.We'll tackle mom guilt head-on by focusing less on the amount of time spent, and more on making that time impactful. And it's a real-life guide on how to achieve it amidst our busy lives. The strategies and insights offered here are relatable, practical, and most importantly, doable.In this episode, Erin shares the guiding principles for quality interactions with your kids. And explains how weaving these elements into daily routines can create deeper connections with your children. This approach w ... 

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