Mom Life Handbook

by Erin Christopoulos

As a mom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the constant juggle of caring for your family, managing a household + maintaining your own sense of purpose and identity. What if, instead, you found yourself feeling confident and at ease in your role as a mom? No more overwhelm, no more stress. Just practical parenting strategies, time-saving tips, and sustainable daily routines that make mom life simpler and more en ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Why Moms Need Sustainable Change Right Now

    Why Moms Need Sustainable Change Right Now

    Are you tired of feeling like big changes are the only way you’ll ever see real improvement in your life? In today's episode, we're diving deep into the psychology behind change + why a sweeping overhaul isn’t the answer.They're not only hard to maintain, they can lead to major burnout and disappointment.So, what's the alternative? Well, that's where the beauty of sustainable change comes in. I'm going to introduce you to the concept of scaffolding, a game-changing way to make incremental improvements—without overwhelming yourself. We'll talk about the power of habit stacking, which let me tell you, is like your new best friend for making changes stick.By the end of this episode, you'll have a concrete set of reflective questions to guide you in breaking down your goals into manageable steps. Because let's face it, girl, feeling overwhelmed doesn't have to be your default setting. Tune in, and let's make life more intentional, one small step at a time.In This Episode:You'll uncover the hidden traps in going for large, sweeping changes, equipping you with the insights to avoid pitfalls like burnout and disappointment.You'll learn about the psychology behind habit formation and change, giving you the tools to rewrite your daily patterns in a way that aligns with your goals and values.You'll walk away with a newfound understanding of how to stack new habits onto your existing routines, setting you up for a more organized and less stressed life without having to upend your world.Related Links:Show NotesWork with ErinDownload 5 Productivity Secrets for Busy MomsSave 20% on SakaraRead the Inc. Magazine ArticleRead the Healthline ArticleLearn more about habit stacking

  • How to Stop Overwhelm With These 5 Power Zones

    How to Stop Overwhelm With These 5 Power Zones

    Ready to shift gears and get out of that overwhelm rut? In today's episode, we dig deep into why you might be feeling so swamped, and guess what? It's not just the outside world throwing curveballs your way. We’re gonna tackle the age-old debate of "blame versus responsibility" and why knowing the difference is your first step towards reclaiming your life. What you'll gain from this convo isn't just awareness; you'll also get some super practical tools you can use right away, like my all-time fave—Power Zones. Yep, I’m sharing five crucial areas in your mom life where you have more control than you think.In this episode, we confront some common beliefs that keep you stuck in a cycle of overwhelm—like the idea that you're too busy or that your kids just won't cooperate. What comes next is a breakthrough you won't want to miss: introducing Power Zones. These are five critical areas where you actually have more control than you might think. By making small tweaks, you can experience outsized changes that help you manage your day-to-day life better. Trust me, by the end of this episode, you'll see how much agency you truly have. Tune in to discover a more empowered, intentional way to navigate mom life.In This Episode:You’ll discover a new perspective on overwhelm, breaking down the barriers between internal and external factors. This clarity will arm you with the power to tackle stress and chaos, and navigate through your busy mom life with more intention.You’ll learn about the concept of 'Power Zones'—these zones will give you the tools to pinpoint specific "levers to pull" when you feel overwhelmed, making your days more manageable.You'll leave the episode with a sense of empowerment and the realization that more is within your control than you thought. By the end, you'll feel inspired to take meaningful steps toward a more balanced and joyful life, without the added pressure of unrealistic societal expectations.Related Links:Show NotesWork with ErinSurvival Stack: Blueberry PediatricsDownload: 5 Productivity Tips for Busy Moms

  • Unpacking Avoidance: Growing Awareness of Your Stress Patterns in Motherhood

    Unpacking Avoidance: Growing Awareness of Your Stress Patterns in Motherhood

    Ever find yourself avoiding stress at all costs, only to find yourself as stressed as ever? You're not alone. This episode dives deep into the ways we unintentionally create a domino effect of stress in motherhood and offer a fresh perspective on how awareness of these patterns can shift your entire day for the better. The best part? It's all about recognizing, not criticizing. So instead of feeling judged, you'll feel seen.So, why should you tune in? Because awareness is the first step to breaking the cycle, and this episode could be your aha moment. We explore both active-behavioral and active-cognitive coping mechanisms that are real, applicable, and transformative. These insights aren't just food for thought; they're actionable steps towards a more peaceful and intentional mom life. By the end of this episode, you'll see the undeniable advantage of confronting avoidance with open arms and an open mind.In This Episode:You'll discover how to reclaim your sense of control, even when life throws curveballs your way, reducing that overwhelming feeling that can hijack your day.You'll learn the psychological reasons behind your avoidance habits, giving you the insight you need to change these patterns and feel more understood and self-aware.You'll find actionable steps to tackle issues you've been avoiding, leading to more time for yourself and quality time with your family.Related Links:Read the Show NotesJoin the Mom Life ResetTune In: Getting Unstuck: How to Embrace the Now for a Happier Family LifeTune In: How To Be A Better Mom In Just 15 MinutesTune In: Getting Unstuck: How to Embrace the Now for a Happier Family LifeRead: Avoidance Coping + Why It Creates Additional Stress from Very Well Mind

  • How To Get Out Of A Funk In 3 Quick Steps

    How To Get Out Of A Funk In 3 Quick Steps

    Ever find yourself stuck in a rut and feel like there's no way out because your to-do list just won't quit? This episode is your go-to guide on shaking off that funk, even on your busiest days. We'll explore clear signs your body gives you when stress is knocking at the door. And don't worry, we're keeping it practical—no need for a full-on retreat to find your center again.So, why should you carve out even a sliver of time for yourself? We'll dive into that too, breaking down mindset barriers that might be in your way. Think of this episode as your roadmap to regain balance, quickly and effectively. No fluff, just 3 actionable steps + real talk that you won't want to miss.In This Episode:You’ll learn how to read your body’s SOS signals before stress turns into overwhelm, so you can tackle your day with clarity.You’ll discover the power of quick affirmations and breath work to reboot your mindset, enabling you to be more present for your kids.You’ll be equipped with actionable steps that can seamlessly fit into your busy schedule, making it possible to snap out of any funk + regain your momentum fast.Related Links:Read the Show NotesGet The Mom Life ResetTake the Focus Finder QuizHow to slow down when life is busyHow to be a calm parent

  • Finding Calm In The Transition Back To School

    Finding Calm In The Transition Back To School

    If you are currently in the process of transitioning back into your school-year routines, listen up this episode is for you because we're talking about the back-to-school stress that's probably thrown you off balance. Plus, I’ve got a set of affirmations aimed at helping you find your footing again. These will be the phrases you come back to time + again when you need to be reminded that you've got this, even when the cereal hits the fan.We’re talking about managing unpredictable schedules, the inevitable mom guilt, and that sense of overwhelm that creeps in. This episode is packed with the perspective you need to shift from stress to a more managed, dare I say, enjoyable back-to-school season. You’ll want to tune in—this one's designed to make your life a whole lot easier.In This Episode:You'll find ways to reduce stress by using affirmations that cut to the core of back-to-school anxiety. No fluff, just actionable ways to ease your mind.You'll get practical tools for a better mindset. These affirmations are more than just words; they're a mental shift you can make anytime you need to reset.You'll learn it's okay to be imperfect. Let go of the unrealistic expectations you might be holding onto and find more freedom in your role as a mom.Related Links:Read The Show NotesWork with ErinDownload: 5 Productivity Secrets for Busy MomsListen to Episode 8: Secrets to Getting More Done In Less TimeListen to Episode 4: No More Guessing—4 Signs It’s Time To Reassess Your Busy Mom ScheduleAffirmations From Today’s Episode:I am capable of adapting to change and finding balance again.Each day is a fresh start, not a continuation of yesterday's challenges.My value as a mom is not measured by the smoothness of our routine.t's okay to feel overwhelmed; it doesn't mean I'm failing.I trust that things will fall into place as we adjust to this new season.