Mom Life Handbook: Bringing Calm to the Chaos of Modern-Day Mom Life

Mom Life Handbook—Your Guide to Motherhood, Parenting, Personal Growth, Productivity + Mindfulness by Erin Christopoulos, M.S.Ed. | Teacher, Parenting Expert + Mom Strategist

Episode notes

Are you a mom who's just trying to keep up with the demands of modern-day motherhood? (And still feel like you're always coming up short?) Look no further than the Mom Life Handbook Podcast, the show that helps bring intention and ease to mom life.

As a teacher and mom herself, Erin understands the struggles of balancing motherhood with everything else life throws your way. That's why she created this podcast—to offer realistic advice, simple strategies, and expert insight that helps you feel less alone and more supported in your parenting journey.

With practical parenting strategies, time-saving tips, sustainable daily routines, and inspirational stories, the Mom Life Handbook Podcast has everything you need to create your dream mom life. Each episode is designed to help you simplify your approach to everyday life, make the most of  ... 

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