Mom Life Handbook: Bringing Calm to the Chaos of Modern-Day Mom Life

Mom Life Handbook by Erin Christopoulos
Are you a mom who's just trying to keep up with the demands of modern-day motherhood? (And still feel like you're always coming up short?) Look no further than the Mom Life Handbook Podcast, the show that helps bring intention and ease to mom life. As a teacher and mom herself, Erin understands the struggles of balancing motherhood with e  ...  See more
Apr 21 2023
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[00:00:00] Welcome to the mom life handbook podcast. The show that helps bring intention and ease to mom life.

[00:00:07] I'm Erin Christopolous, a parent to two of my own kids and teacher turned moms strategist who's rethinking the way we tackle life with young kids to help you ditch all the burnout and guilt by focusing on a more realistic approach that supports and encourages you where you need it most.

[00:00:24] If you've ever found yourself asking, am I a good mom? How do I keep up with all this laundry? [00:00:30] How do I explain mom guilt to my partner? What can I do to make family meals easier to plan and cook, or do other moms really make time for self care? Then this podcast is for you.

[00:00:43] From honest conversations and mindset shifts to practical tips and sustain

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