Rethinking Holiday Chaos + Its True Cost — 'Ready, Set, Holiday' Series Pt. 1

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Episode notes
Think planning for the holidays in October is too early? Let's dive into the real costs of waiting until the last minute. In this kick-off episode of our 'Ready, Set, Holiday' Series, we're getting real about the emotional, relational, and financial tolls that come with last-minute holiday prep. You'll learn how to flip the script on common holiday stressors and transform them into opportunities for joy and connection. Imagine a holiday season where you're not just surviving but thriving, all because you planned ahead.But it's not just about dodging stress; it's about making room for what truly matters. You'll discover how early planning can actually free up time for meaningful experiences with your family. Plus, we'll share practical tips for keeping the peace at home when the holidays roll around. So if you're ready to ditch the overwhelm and actu ...   ...  Read more