How to Stop Overwhelm With These 5 Power Zones

Mom Life Handbook—Your Guide to Motherhood, Parenting, Personal Growth, Productivity + Mindfulness by Erin Christopoulos, M.S.Ed. | Teacher, Parenting Expert + Mom Strategist

Episode notes

Ready to shift gears and get out of that overwhelm rut? In today's episode, we dig deep into why you might be feeling so swamped, and guess what? It's not just the outside world throwing curveballs your way.

We’re gonna tackle the age-old debate of "blame versus responsibility" and why knowing the difference is your first step towards reclaiming your life. What you'll gain from this convo isn't just awareness; you'll also get some super practical tools you can use right away, like my all-time fave—Power Zones. Yep, I’m sharing five crucial areas in your mom life where you have more control than you think.

In this episode, we confront some common beliefs that keep you stuck in a cycle of overwhelm—like the idea that you're too busy or that your kids just won't cooperate. What comes next is a breakthrough you won't want to miss: introd ... 

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