Getting Unstuck: How to Embrace the Now for a Happier Family Life

Mom Life Handbook—Your Guide to Motherhood, Parenting, Personal Growth, Productivity + Mindfulness by Erin Christopoulos, M.S.Ed. | Teacher, Parenting Expert + Mom Strategist

Episode notes
Feeling stuck or like you're just treading water as a mom? This episode of the Mom Life handbook podcast is here to help you find your footing. In this episode, I'll guide you through simple and intentional strategies to focus on progress, not perfection. Together, we'll uncover how to step away from social media's comparison game, connect more deeply with your children + partner, and embrace daily practices to shift your experience. Dive in with me + let's discover the satisfaction and fulfillment in the small wins, leaving behind the pressure to always get it right.Related Links:  ...  Read more