This is MJ. I'm an author, I'm an artist, and I'm an analyzer. Find all my work at
This is Digimon Seekers, and I'm continuing with my audiobook recording of Digimon Seekers.
This is Digimon Chronicles. This is Digimon Chronicles, where I'm reading Digimon Seekers, making basically an audiobook for it.
This is a fan project for free. Of course, I'm not charging anybody for it.
Today I'm going to be using the translation by K-kun or on K-kun. I'm not quite sure how to say that day, but K.
I think it's just what matters there, because that's what I've heard.
So, anyway, I'll be reading that translation. It was interesting when I pasted in the notes originally, or the script, rather, from the website.
Originally I had about a 1700 word count, and when I pasted in K-kun's there wa

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