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Digimon Chronicles by MJ Muñoz
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May 08 2023

This is MJ. I'm an author. I'm an artist. I'm an analyzer find all my work at MJMUNOZ.COM
this is Digimon Chronicles where I am starting off my coverage of Digimon by reading to you bringing you an audiobook if you will of
Digimon Seekers the web novel that is part of the
anniversary celebration for Digimon
So this is
Continuing on with chapter 1 AG wolf of the 9th Avenue
This is chapter 1 part 12. It is
hundred eighty eight words and it could take about nine minutes to read so I'm going to
Go ahead and get into it without further ado
This is the digital world words won't do AG's ability to describe it simply wouldn't do it all
It's a cliched expression, but it would be more like a colony type city built on an exoplanet in the world of science fiction movies
The sky is a sea of net

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