S01 E08 - Finale : Season One

Mindful Poly by Fox and Nova
That’s a wrap on the first complete season of Mindful Poly! Join Fox and Nova as they check in and talk about what it was like to make a podcast together, share some audience feedback and reactions, and follow up on news from previous episodes. You’ll also get to hear about some exciting plans coming up for the season break and what’s in  ...  See more
May 05 2023
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Reaction to Aro/Ace Episode and Listener Feedback00:04:40 - 00:07:05

Hi. Hi. Nova, guess what? What? This is the last episode of the season. What? Yes. Already?
Yeah. Mindful Poly Season 1. I can't believe this. Can you believe we recorded a whole
season of a thing? No. Uh huh. It was pretty cool though. It's true. And it's very cool.
So what should we do to commemorate the end of season 1? Well, one of the things I hoped
we'd do is talk about what our experiences were like making this thing together. I love
it. Let's do it. So how did you feel when I first asked you, like, could we, like all
these great conversations we have, can we like record it? I want to share our private
conversations with everyone on the internet. You know, I was strangely open to it. Because
we clicked together very well as a couple and it's sort of like every new area that
we've ex

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