Mindful Poly

by Fox and Nova

Fox and Nova talk about relationships, philosophy and big feels through the lens of Polyamory.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Finale : Season One

    Finale : Season One

    That’s a wrap on the first complete season of Mindful Poly! Join Fox and Nova as they check in and talk about what it was like to make a podcast together, share some audience feedback and reactions, and follow up on news from previous episodes. You’ll also get to hear about some exciting plans coming up for the season break and what’s in the works for Mindful Poly Season Two. Thank you so much for coming with us on this journey. As always, you can still write to us at podcast@mindfulpoly.com. Thanks for Listening!

  • Crowdsource Question : Feelings

    Crowdsource Question : Feelings

    Get ready for a special episode! This week, we wanted to hear from you! We brought the mics out of the studio and asked everyone we could all the same question. We compiled their answers together to make this episode. A HUGE thank you to everyone who lent us their time, voices, thoughts and personal stories that we are honored to share with you this week! And stay tuned, we are definitely going to do another episode like this again next season. As always, you can still write to us at podcast@mindfulpoly.com. Thanks for Listening!

  • Relationship Dynamics : Metamours

    Relationship Dynamics : Metamours

    Metamours are the first new concept many who are new to poly encounter and your relationship with them, or desired lack of one, will play a huge role in the deciding the course your journey will take. Do you want to know everything you can about your partner’s partner? Do you not want to hear about them at all? Are they coming to dinner on Wednesday? What was it like meeting your first metamour for the first time? Write to us at podcast@mindfulpoly.com.

  • Gender & Sexuality : AroAce

    Gender & Sexuality : AroAce

    From first crush to navigating the non-monogamous dating world, we’ll share Nova’s journey of discovering what being Aro/Ace means to her and discuss the path she took to get there. Do you have a story of self discovery you’d like to share? Write to us at podcast@mindfulpoly.com.

  • Philosophy : Dialectic Thinking

    Philosophy : Dialectic Thinking

    Is it possible to feel compersion and jealousy at the same time? In this episode we explore one of Nova’s favorite topics, philosophy, and imagine a world where we accept and understand that our partners can have simultaneous, seemingly contradictory feelings. Have you ever incorporated simultaneous truths or found yourself approaching a situation in a dialectic way? Share your experience with us at podcast@mindfulpoly.com.