S01 E01 - Big Feels : Insecurity

Mindful Poly by Fox and Nova
In our season one premiere episode, Fox and Nova explore their theory on insecurity and the ways society sometimes reinforces it, share stories about the strange ways insecurity twists things that are not about you into being about you, and reflect on past experiences where insecurity played a major role. Don’t miss the special guest appe  ...  See more
Mar 17 2023
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  • Coping Strategies00:12:27 - 00:12:48
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    00:00:00 - 00:06:35Theories and Ah-ha Moments
  • 00:06:35 - 00:10:17
    00:06:35 - 00:10:17Nova's Experiences
  • 00:10:17 - 00:12:19
    00:10:17 - 00:12:19Heavy Stuff
  • 00:12:19 - 00:12:47
    00:12:19 - 00:12:47THIRD CO-HOST REVEAL!
  • 00:12:47 - 00:14:48
    00:12:47 - 00:14:48Coping Strategies
  • 00:14:48 - 00:19:10
    00:14:48 - 00:19:10Hypothetical Rockstar

Welcome back to Mindful Poly. This episode is about insecurity. It's part of our Big
Feels series. I'm Fox. And I'm Nova. And we wanted to cover this one early because
this is a big one. Yeah, we think we have a pet theory we want to share. Yeah. And also
we'll probably come back to it in future episodes. Oh my gosh. Yes. But so the theory goes that
underneath a lot of struggles and problems that people face in relationships. Almost all.
Almost every single thing leads back to some underlying insecurity. Yeah, I think it's true.
And people will make decisions for how they live their lives, how they structure their
relationships all around these insecurities. Like they let it steer the ship. Yes. What is going on?
How did we get here? And there's and I and I think it helps to clarify. I thi

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