S01 E38 - Chatting about memory and how much of a head mess MS is

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
Talking about MS causing so many issues with your head and thoughts as well as another update with the lions mane mushroom supplements. Also talking about things im doing since having to leave work.
May 22 2023

Hello and welcome back. Here we are again.
Well, today we're sort of going right back old school.
Because listening back to some of the old podcasts I've been doing using the laptop,
I'm really not happy with the sound quality. I'm going to be honest, really not happy at all.
It was like this humming noise in the background, which, yeah, I didn't like it. Couldn't figure it out.
So here we are. We're back. We're using the phone and we are back carrying on as usual.
Well, today there's a few bits I'm going to talk about today.
One of the main ones, and I'm going to say it, is probably not something I've said today.
I want to talk about how much of an absolute head-messer MS actually is.
Now, I think any of us that are going through this kind of understand the sort of thing that MS does and

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