S01 - Introduction to my MS journey Podcast

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

My MS journey Podcast. I hope you find this helpful. I will be talking about my journey with MS as a newly diagnosed person.

Dec 14 2022

Hello and welcome to Mike's MS journey. Naturally I'm Mike and what I'm talking about on this
podcast is the journey that I am recently starting after being diagnosed with multiple
sclerosis. As you go through the episodes you will hopefully learn a little bit about
myself and learn about the journey that I'm taking. I will be honest I'm a very positive
person even on a bad day I try my best and I will try and give you all as much information
as I possibly can about how things are going for me and I genuinely hope that this podcast
can help people out there just to understand that you know what this condition is horrific
it's horrible but let's talk about it let's get things out in the open and let's see if
we can help each other. I hope you enjoy bye bye.

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