S01 E18 - occupational health meeting, medical study as well as CHRISTMAS

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Talking about my meeting with the medical study team, occupational health. As well as my current physical issues and the best bit of all CHRISTMAS.

Dec 19 2022

Hello and welcome to show number 18. On the show today there's a couple of bits and pieces
that I'm going to talk about. I put out a bit of a trailer the other day because I was
quite excited. I had my phone call for the medical study that I'd been put forward for
so I'll explain that. I've had some issues shall we say in the last week which I'm having
to talk about quite a bit at the moment because they're coming thick and fast. I've also had
the telephone call from Occupational Health through work so I will explain that. And last
but not least we've got to talk about it. Christmas is coming up and this will be the
last show that airs before the big day so yeah I'm going to have a little conversation
about Christmas. I hope that's okay. So we're going to start the day with me talking abou

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