S01 E17 - good news from my MS team and invite to a medical study.

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

I had a call from my MS coordinator about my lumbar puncture, as well as being asked to take part in a medical study, into the effects MS has on thinking skills. Also talking about what else I've had happen this past week. Thank you to all my listeners new and old. Im very grateful to each and everyone of you.

Dec 12 2022

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Hello, welcome to episode 17. I would just like to start today by welcoming a lot of

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new listeners. I'll go into a bit more detail on that later in the show, but each and every

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one of you, nice to speak to you again this week my friends, very much pleased to be here

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talking to you. On the show today, a few bits and pieces for me to go over. I've had some

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good news, for me personally it's good news from my MS team, the MS coordinator called

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me in the week, so I'll explain that in a bit more detail. I've also been invited onto

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a medical study, yeah me, a medical stu

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