S01 E11 - future of this podcast

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Giving an update on myself as well as explaining about the future of this Podcast

Nov 06 2022

Hello and welcome to podcast number 11. I hope you all had a really good Halloween.
I must admit ours was very much relaxed. We don't really celebrate Halloween if I'm totally
honest. The kids, they're a little bit old now. Halloween is not really something, they're
not trick or treaters or anything like that. How are you all? How's everyone doing? I hope
I'm finding you all well. I'm going to start today by saying something I say quite regularly
on these podcasts and that is thank you to you all. Because again, I mean I'm just seeing
my numbers going up and I'm really hoping that the sort of things I'm talking about
is resonating with one or two, maybe more of you and maybe it's helping. I don't know.
I'd like to think it is because that's what I'm doing this for. I'm actually not the

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