S01 E17 - Open Game License 1.1 D&D Clashes with Creators Over IP

May It Please The Internet by John Di Giacomo & Eric Misterovich
This week on May It Please the Internet, John is joined by Chris Carroll to discuss the Open Gaming License, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, and what you can & can’t do with IP Properties. Listen in as they talk about the history of D&D, first publishing, and the Satanic Panic, as well as the prior license, Copyright Law and how it covers con  ...  See more
Jan 25 2023

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Hey everyone, this is John Di Giacomo and you are listening to the May It Please the Internet podcast. I'm joined today by Chris Carroll. Chris, how are you today?

I'm doing good, John. How are you doing?

I'm pretty good. Coming through the holidays, was a bit sick, but now back at it. I'm excited to be joined by Chris today, because we're talking about something that has been in the news lately that I find interesting and I thought Chris would find interesting as well. That is the Dungeons and Dragons Open Gaming License 1.1. Chris, I'm assuming you've heard about this.

Yes. Super exciting stuff. It's the mesh of ner

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