S01 E16 - 7 Figure Store Legal Checklist

May It Please The Internet by John Di Giacomo & Eric Misterovich
IntroLots of questions about start ups, to us, these are not all that interesting. Reality is a true start up is going to do the bare minimum to get going. Ownership agreements between the founders are probably the most important, after that, it is completely dependent on what the business can afford.More interesting is to open the hood o  ...  See more
Dec 01 2022

This is May it Please the Internet, a podcast brought to you by Revision Legal. Lawyers who represent businesses that make money online.

Hey everyone, this is John Di Giacomo and you are listening to the Revision Legal May it Please the Internet Podcast and I am joined by my business partner, Eric Misterovich. Eric, how are you?

I'm doing great, John. How are you?

I'm good. We're rolling into Thanksgiving, and so we thought we'd talk a little bit about what kind of things you need to be thinking about as a seven figure e-commerce store when it comes to legal spend and legal structure. Eric, I'll let you get us started on this and let's talk about what it is that somebody who owns a seven figure e-commerce store should be thinking about.

Yeah, we thought t

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